CAYD Marketing takes immense pride in maintaining the utmost levels of privacy and integrity in our interactions with you, our esteemed clientele and website visitors. With the rapid digitalization of business operations and the corresponding increase in cyber threats, we feel the responsibility to not only provide premier marketing services but also to ensure that your personal data is treated with the highest level of security and respect. This document outlines our stringent privacy practices, designed in adherence to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).


Data Collection, Usage, and Consent:

  1. Transparency: At CAYD Marketing, our commitment is to be forthright about the types of information we amass and the reasons for its procurement. We staunchly oppose the unauthorized sale or trade of your data to any third parties without explicit and informed consent.

  2. Purpose of Collection: Primarily, we collect data to enhance our service offerings and provide you with personalized experiences, be it in communication, marketing strategies, or website navigation.

Communications and Personalized Outreach:

  1. Engagement Methods: We harness the data at our disposal to craft tailored communications across platforms – telephone, email, direct mail, and social channels. These communications can range from updates about CAYD Marketing’s offerings, industry trends, invitations to exclusive events, or participation in surveys.

  2. Opt-out Options: We respect your autonomy in choosing the nature and frequency of communications you receive. You have an inherent right to opt out of any or all communication channels. Each of our emails provides an “Unsubscribe” option, and for other communication methods, our dedicated team is at your service to address any such requests.

Advanced Digital Technologies:

  1. Cookie Implementation: We employ contemporary digital tools, including cookies, tracking pixels, and IP address tracking, to make your interaction with our website, www.caydpro.com, more intuitive and personalized. This approach allows us to glean valuable insights into user behavior and continuously refine our offerings.

  2. Advertising Collaboration: CAYD Marketing may establish partnerships with third-party vendors utilizing cookies and similar technologies to ensure more contextually relevant advertisements about our services, both on our website and elsewhere online. While opting out of such ads is within your purview, we assure you that your personal information remains confidential in these processes.

Recruitment and Professional Opportunities:

  1. Application Data: When you express interest in joining the CAYD Marketing team or exploring professional avenues with us, we might request certain personal details. This information will be shared judiciously within our team and, if required, with relevant recruitment agencies. However, we maintain a strict policy of not using this data for direct marketing purposes.

Robust Data Security Protocols:

  1. Security Measures: Your data’s safety is paramount. We’ve harnessed a myriad of security technologies and have instituted rigorous procedures to mitigate risks associated with unauthorized access, usage, or data breaches.

  2. Data Storage and Transfer: While our primary data centers are in Australia, CAYD Marketing has a global footprint. As such, your data might occasionally be processed or transferred internationally, always within the boundaries of prevailing data protection regulations.


  1. Retention Protocols: We believe in retaining personal data only as long as it serves a tangible purpose. Whether it’s to provide you with our services, adhere to legal stipulations, or for specific recruitment drives, our retention schedules are always in alignment with best practices.

  2. External Links: Our website might offer links to third-party websites. We urge users to exercise discretion, as we cannot vouch for external sites’ privacy practices.

  3. Privacy Statement Updates: The digital realm is ever-evolving. Accordingly, this privacy statement might undergo periodic updates. All changes will be conspicuously noted by the revision date at the end of this document.


Reach Out to Us:

For any clarifications, feedback, or concerns related to your data or our privacy practices:

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Contact Number: 0432442011
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Effective Date of Last Update: 01/05/2022

By continuing your engagement with our website and our services, you unequivocally agree to the stipulations outlined in this comprehensive privacy policy.