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Helping brands, businesses and private clients tell their stories through video.
Our team is ready to help create exciting and awesome videos for your business that tell your audience who you are and what you offer. We use videos to not only show the story of your business but also generate leads. The world is now in the digital age and video is one of the best ways to engage your audience. If you are looking to gain more customers or leads then we are exactly what you need to boost your business and get ahead of the competition.
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Our Services:

Video Production

CAYD is a Brisbane based creative video production company. We provide everything from small video crews to large scale multi-camera shoots.

Video Editing + Graphics

Our post-production team includes motion graphics artists, creative directors, video editors, VFX supervisors, and sound designers


CAYD aims to make your wedding video a unique and personal life-long work of art by showing the unique relationship between each couple.


We capture the moment that creates compelling sports videos for clients. These also include live events.

Social Media

CAYD offers comprehensive social video strategy and social video creation to ensure that your brand's videos are forwarded, shared, tweeted, rated and reviewed.


CAYD creates high-end corporate videos from concept development to scripting, shooting, editing, motion graphics, music scoring, colour correction and delivery.

Real Estate

Our main goal is to bring your properties to life in order to provoke emotion, build trust and engage potential buyers by taking a journey through your property videos


Our team has devoted years to mastering aerial drone videography.


The creative thought process no longer revolves around how good a video looks. Now it is focused on browsing behaviours and the purpose of the product to get people to stop and watch. That is where we come in. Here at CAYD, it is always about how to gain your audience’s attention by creating videos that deliver results. Whether it be in views, brand awareness or leads, we have got you covered. Our team of video experts will help to deliver your message to the rest of the world.

The Process

Successful video production is crafted with style, content and editing. The following are the basic phases of video production.
Planning and organising the things needed for pre-production is the initial step in executing a successful video. This includes the planning of answering what will the video appear to be and what message will it convey, who is going to be the target audience, does it follow the trends and how to achieve the goals.
This is the phase where everything needed for the video will be captured and ready to fit your goals and objectives of the video. Production is the main stage of video production which consists of setting up the equipment, interviews, voiceovers and capturing footage.
This phase is more about the organisation of all the footage and assembling all the captured content during the production phase. This includes producing the final story, choosing the right music, editing, reviews and approval.

Wedding Videos

Here at CAYD, we create stunning, professional wedding videos that tell the story of your day as it unfolds with all the emotions, sounds and words that simply can't be captured solely by photographs. Our style is discreet and our camera operators try to remain as unobtrusive as possible leaving you free to enjoy the day. We capture all the details of the wedding day that can be all too easily forgotten. We can capture anything from the bridal preparations in the morning right through to the first dance and the evening celebrations.

Real Estate Videos

Walk-through property videos are a great way to highlight the benefits of a home and help sell the dream. Focusing on the very best features, we’ll capture all the details and show the full potential of a property or development with a professional and distinctive video.
Our team will film your property at length showing its unique features and views, walking though from room to room. We will then produce a high quality video complete with soundtracks and voice over if required. We can also show the surrounding area which can enhance the property even more.

Aerial And Drone filming

We can help make a difference by adding a new dimension to your video by including aerial footage, both video and photography, with our fully qualified drone pilot.
Drone videos have more impact since you can capture events in a more superior way. It also adds a wow factor with that birds-eye view.

Sport Videos

Our team is always ready to jump into any sports production you need. We film videos for any sport from martial arts advertising videos and gel blaster competitions to live sporting events. We are able to catch every exciting moment and every win.

No matter the project, we have got you covered! Are you ready to go?

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos can be one of the most important tools to use to develop lasting relationships with customers. Our team can help to create a variety of videos that showcase your business from company culture, testimonials, news and announcements and so much more! By providing customers with an insight into your business, our videos can raise brand awareness, build on brand identity and add a competitive edge in the industry.

Benefits of Video Production

There are many advantages in choosing Video Production for your business. As well as ranking higher on Google and ads, videos are an effective way to stay in the minds of your potential customers.
Showing your business in a fun and creative way is a great strategy while introducing yourself to your audience.

Videos are naturally educational, but it isn't just that, websites with videos have higher SERP ranking and are more likely to appear on the first page of search engines.

Video production is conveying information in a short period - most people who watched a video advertisement on social media are more likely to buy the product or service after.

Our Services

No matter what you are looking for, we have a variety of services that can help to make you stand out against the rest. You tell us your idea and we will put it into action. Here are some types of videos we create:

We help to create love for the brand

We believe in creating videos that explain, engage and create a love for your products or services. We strive to create exciting content that ranges from video presentations to engaging marketing strategies.
We don’t just deliver short videos that sell your products. We create stories about brands, connecting them with customers.

International Experience

For years, we have been working on multiple projects for various international companies from a variety of industries. The reason why our customers love working with us is that we can transform their ideas and strategic plans into amazing videos that stand out. Even though we do not work in their office, our process enables us to communicate with our clients as if we were always part of their team.


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