What Are Responsive Search Ads and Why You Should Use Them?

Google has announced that expanded text ads will be eliminated, and responsive search ads will be the only available search ad type marketers can create or edit from June 30, 2022.

Google has announced that expanded text ads will be eliminated, and responsive search ads will be the only available search ad type marketers can create or edit from June 30, 2022.

Google discovered that among all search queries, 15% of them are completely new searches they have never encountered before.

That’s why Google has decided to make this change. The purpose of this is to help simplify the way marketers create ads and make it easier to improve performance.

What Are Responsive Search Ads?

In the words of Google: “using machine learning, Responsive Search Ads automatically identify the best combination of headlines and descriptions to deliver the right ad to the right person”

You are able to create up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions in one single search ad. Then Google will showcase different combinations of the headlines and descriptions to the searchers and ultimately calculate the best performing version and display it the most frequently.

Using responsive search ads is a smart way to create an effective paid advertising strategy.

What Benefits Do I Get from Responsive Search Ads

  1. Save Time
    With more versions of ads, Google Ads are able to test out plenty of the ideas in a relatively short time and determine the best performing version for you.
  2. Optimisation for Device Type
    The screen sizes are varied from desktop, tablet and mobile phone, it affects how much content is shown on the screen as well. Marketers may designate small-width titles and descriptions for the mobile users with responsive search ads.
  3. Simple A/B Testing
    As you only need one search ad that includes multiple titles and descriptions, Google will automatically test out those variations of your ads. Hence, it allows you to save plenty of time on creating different ads and split testing to see what data you get.
  4. Reach More Audiences
    With more headlines and descriptions, that means more keywords in you ad. Therefore, it increases the possibility of matching more search terms and your ad will be competing in more auctions. Eventually, your ad will reach more audiences.
  5. Increase ad relevance
    Similar concept, since there is more diversity in your responsive search ad, Google is able to display the most relevant combination to match the query. In other words, that means the chances of raising click-through-rates and conversions rate could potentially improve as well.

Tips for Creating A Good Responsive Search Ad

  1. Use every headline & description blank and make them unique
    The goal of doing so is to have as many combinations as possible and also make them as unique as possible. You can try using different keywords, CTAs, and play around with the length.
  2. Attract users with different offers
    As we mentioned, responsive search ads are a smart way to do A/B testing, you could try out different discounts or promotions in different descriptions. Let Google calculate which works best and showcase your ads.
  3. Use those ads copies that has performed well
    If you have other ads that are performing well already, try them in your responsive search ads. It can save you some time and it works for many types of PPC advertising.

According to Google, using responsive search ads can achieve up to 10% more clicks and conversions. Furthermore, if you improve Ad strength from “Poor” to “Excellent”, there will be 9 per cent more clicks and conversions on average.

Final Thoughts…

Responsive search ads save advertisers so much time on testing out the variation, it has therefore become more popular in the advertising and marketing industry. Start thinking about how you can utilise it to promote your business or contact us today if there is more information you would like to know.



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