Common Email Marketing Mistakes People Make

A good email marketing strategy enables your brand to stay in your customers' minds. Here are some commonly made mistakes for email marketing.

Email marketing is critical to maintain customer relationships and allows you to proactively communicate with your customers.

A good email marketing strategy enables your brand to stay in your customers’ minds. It’s unavoidable to make mistakes when creating and sending an email campaign because there are so many factors to consider. 

The most important step is to recognise your mistakes. After you have rectified it, you will see positive results almost immediately. Your job isn’t done once you’ve gained someone’s email address; in fact, it’s only getting started. 

Below are some email marketing mistakes that bloggers, marketers and even professionals commonly make. We also provide the solutions for it.

  • Unprofessional-looking emails

The first step to a successful email campaign is getting the recipient to open your email. Using emojis or playful language in your subject line may improve open rates. This all depends on your industry and audience.

  • Unclear Call-to-Action

You might have noticed a few times that your content is missing a call to action (CTA). CTAs do not have to be harsh, overdone or forceful. Instead, CTAs should be incorporated into an email button, image or copywriting effortlessly.

  • Sending emails that aren’t personalised

We already understand how important email marketing is to the success of your company. Can we make it even more effective? Yes! All you have to do is fine-tune your email marketing, which is where email personalisation comes in.

People like the feeling of being unique! Birthday email, Specials for you, Products you might also like…etc. Create personalised emails for your customers and let them know how much you care about them!

  • Not keeping track of the campaign

The response rate of your email marketing campaign is an important component in establishing whether or not your present marketing approach is working as intended. To analyse the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns and discover which messages motivate customers to take action, they should be coupled with tracking software.

Using a tracking system can help you enhance your marketing approach and conversion rate.

  • Ignoring your targeted audience’s interests

Instead of constantly bugging your subscribers, focus on developing client personas to have an excellent understanding of who your subscribers are and what they want/need.

  • Forgetting Your Mobile Users

There is a huge amount of users reading your email on their mobile devices. If you are not ensuring your customers can read your emails on their phones and tablets, you are making a huge mistake.

The format of your email should always be simple and clean, with images and text that are easy to read on a small screen. Most importantly! Test on your own mobile devices first before sending them to your customers.

If you only have a limited time or limited staff to work on the mobile-friendly emails, find a services that can do for you. Never ignore the mobile users.

  • Playing the Numbers Game

The worst email marketing mistake I’ve made was approaching it as a numbers game.”

Focusing on the number of followers you have or the amount of email to send can affect the quality of your content.

Quality is always more critical than quantity. Rather than focusing on the unimportant numbers, here are some things to ask yourself when building an email campaign:

  • The objectives we set for ourselves
  • The level of awareness that we want to achieve
  • The purpose of every email is to guide them to where they want to be

Don’t make the same mistakes people have made

Conversions don’t come to an end just because you have someone’s email address. Check your marketing strategy today and avoid these common mistakes.



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